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  • "Baby Ferrari" 1956 Bimbo Racer 12V

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    “A real car!—for pre-teen men and women of distinction”.

    Originally imported by Ferrari in San Francisco, the Bimbo Racer is the ultimate children’s car. An officially sanctioned miniature version of the Ferrari 375 MM Spider; this 12-volt battery-powered kid car was built by SILA of Turin, Italy with a fiberglass body, a Ferrari-style egg-crate grille, electric motor, three-speed transmission, and working sealed-beam headlights. Styled by famous Italian auto designer Giovanni Michelotti, it is finished in Rosso Corsa over a tan leather interior with red piping. This vehicle has been fully restored and is ready to drive today.

    Vehicle Specifications:

    Engine: 125 watts, 1,000 rpm, 12-volt electrical system powered by standard 12-volt automobile battery.

    Transmission: Chain-drive, three-position, floor-mounted transmission with forward, neutral, and reverse.

    Chassis: Extra rigid steel frame, independent front suspension, rear torsion-bar suspension.

    Safety: Four-inch rear brakes with fade resistant linings. Mechanical parking brake on rear wheel. Italian sports horn.

    Wheels: 13" pneumatic tires, decorative wire wheel covers.

    Dimensions: 5'6" overall length, 40" wheelbase, 23" height (to top of windshield), 29" width.

    Weight: 97 lbs excluding battery.

    Performance: Speed of five to seven miles per hour; 35 mile range, approximately five to six hours of continual usage; can climb a 20% grade; built-in charger restores power overnight from a standard outlet.

    Intended for children from ages four through ten.

  • Ferrari 250 California Spyder Junior Cars

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    Ferrari 250 California Spyder Junior

    Exterior: Ferrari Red
    Interior: Tan Leather with mats

    • Jig built Steel box section chassis painted/ powder-coated
    • Steel suspension swing arms
    • Aluminum/ tensile steel front stub axles. Aluminum front hubs
    • Steel rear driveshaft’s/ rear hubs. Rubber donut rear half shaft UJ’s
    • Aluminum wheels
    • ABS plastic fuel tank
    • Vinyl or leather trimmed GRP seat
    • Composite GRP body and floor pan (removable)
    • Spray painted finish (Du Pont 2k automotive)
    • Aluminum/ stainless steel trim and bright-work
    • Wood rimmed aluminum steering wheel

    • Front mounted engine
    • Rear wheel drive
    • 110cc air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder Quad bike engine by loncin. Available in standard tune or race tune
    • 3 speed semi-automatic gearbox + reverse (no clutch, sequential gear change) 
    • Limited slip differential (great for drifting!) 
    • Tensioned chain drive
    • Custom Wide billet aluminum 10 inch wheels. (including spare wheel) 
    • Max Power/ RPM: 5.0kw / 8500 (rpm) 
    • Max torque/ rpm: 6.5Nm/ 6500 ±500 (rpm) 
    • Idle speed : 1500 ± 100 (rpm) 
    • Fuel type A90 

    Suspension & Steering:
    • Fully independent double wishbone front suspension 
    • Fully independent Single wishbone rear suspension
    • Fixed differential with Rubber donut rear UJ’s  (similar to series 1 lotus elan)
    • Adjustable gas shock absorbers all round
    • Vented disks with dual pot Brembo calipers- front and rear (2 front + Single rear giving 66/33 bias braking) hydraulic split braking system with twin outlet master cylinder 
    • Rack and pinion center mount steering rack L<3.5>R 
    • Easily adjustable gearing with central mounted lay axles
    • Great for those who want to tune and modify their engines and adjust the gearing to suit (Aftermarket upgrade/ performance kits are available for these engines)
    • Fully adjustable pedal box, suitable for drivers from the age of 6 - 80! Even 6 ft + drivers can fit. 
    • Removable/replaceable exhaust silencer, Choose quiet or loud for racing! 
    • The entire car is fully serviceable without the need for major strip down. 
    • Electronic 12 volt ignition/ electric start. 
    • Rear mounted safety gas tank with external pump. 
    • Rear mounted battery/ fuse box and spare wheel for optimum weight distribution. 
    • Working lights, horn, indicators. 

    Body and Trim:
    • The body/ floor consists of 10 separate parts. All grp composite. 
    • The body is bolted to the chassis in 12 places. 
    • The exterior is painted in automotive DuPont paint, and can be finished in any color of choice. We just need a DuPont color code. 
    • The floor is color impregnated black grp. 
    • The bonnet and boot open with latch mechanisms in the cockpit. 

    • In standard tune the cars reach 44mph (72 kph). This can be restricted for younger drivers. 
    • In modified form speeds in excess of 80 mph (128 kph) are achievable. This is not something we offer from the factory however- it will be up the owner to tune/ modify. 
    • The cars in standard tune use approx. 1.5 liters an hour

    • Length 2500 mm (approx. 98 in)
    • Width 1030 mm (approx. 40.5 in)
    • Height 750mm (approx. 29.5 in)
    • Ground clearance 160mm (approx. 6 in)
    • Weight 97kg (approx. 214 lbs)

    ***Please note that due to the size and weight of the Junior Car a Freight Delivery Deposit will be required. Upon sales confirmation, we will work with you to confirm shipping and delivery method and the deposit will be credited towards those costs. Depending on the final delivery costs we may require an additional payment to true up the total amount, otherwise a refund will be issued for any unused portion.*** 

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