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    F1 Junior Racer

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    Autosport Originals is proud to bring you F1 Racer Junior Cars by Group Harrington. Adjustable to fit kids and adults alike the child car is the ultimate automotive gift the whole family can enjoy. 

    These F1 Junior Racers are an entirely new line of vehicle from our partners at Group Harrington! Built as 2/3rds scale replicas of the legendary Lotus F1 car of the early 1960s, these stunning cars continue to offer the versatility, modern automotive technology, and high performance of their road car counterparts. Built with a larger, mid mounted 120cc engine, these cars are fun for kids and adults alike on tracks, driveways, lawns and gardens!

    •   Powder coated steel chassis.
    • 120cc 4 stroke mid mounted air cooled single cylinder engine. OHC, electric start, electronic ignition.
    • Semi automatic gearbox (choice of either 3 forward gears plus reverse- or 4 forward gears no reverse).
    • Limited slip differential.
    • Fully adjustable, fully independent suspension all round.
    • Dual circuit (and bias adjustable!) hydraulic brakes.
    • 4 disk brakes with four pot calipers on each corner.
    • 4 adjustable shock absorbers on each corner.
    • Adjustable pedal box- so children through to adults can squeeze in. Max height and weight approximately 5' 11" and 175 lbs.
    • Stainless steel twin exhaust.
    • Stainless steel roll over hoop.
    • Custom-made cross ply tires to give proper 60’s handling characteristics.
    • Composite body painted in 2k dupont automotive paint (unlimited choice of colour and paint design).
    • Alloy wheels.
    • Removable, stainless steel steering wheel with aluminium quick release hub.

    ***Please note that due to the size and weight of the Junior Car a Freight Delivery Deposit will be required. Upon sales confirmation, we will work with you to confirm shipping and delivery method and the deposit will be credited towards those costs. Depending on the final delivery costs we may require an additional payment to true up the total amount, otherwise a refund will be issued for any unused portion.*** 

1 Item(s)