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  • Ferrari: Under the Skin

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    ‘The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes, and switchblades.’ – Alice Cooper

    Published on the occasion of the Design Museum's headline exhibition in November 2017 this substantial work provides exceptional insights into the extraordinary company that emerged as World War II receded in Italy, combining collegiality, an almost religious dedication, and dictatorship in equal parts. Above all, it was impelled by the remorseless ambition of its founder Enzo Ferrari. Beautifully illustrated with full-size wooden 'masters' from Ferrari's bodywork designers, engineering drawings, and styling sketches, as well as memorabilia, documents, and personal items; this in-depth exploration of Ferrari - the man, company, cars, and clientele – reveals what goes into the making of, many would argue, the world's most desirable car brand.

    The pages include beautiful, organic photos of the iconic sports car, from the first 911 R in 1967 to today’s 2017 911 R



    10 5/8" x 8 1/8"

    240 pages

    200 color illustrations

  • 911 LoveRS

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    50 years of Porsche RS, from R to R.

    All the cars, the entire history, many technical details, magnificent photos, fabulous stories. The book celebrates the 911 RS’ history of free-revving naturally aspirated power — a car first launched 50-years ago when the first Porsche 911 R achieved long-distance world records. 911 LoveRS delves into the car’s history spanning half a century, with stories, interviews, and portraits about real RS owners who did exactly what the car was meant to do: get groceries, run errands, and above, go fast and have fun. 

    The pages include beautiful, organic photos of the iconic sports car, from the first 911 R in 1967 to today’s 2017 911 R

    Dimensions 12"x12"

    264 Pages

  • Ferrari Grand Prix Moments

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    Formula One Photographs, 1954-1966

    In 1953 Jesse Alexander left America for Europe with his young family to pursue his dream of becoming a motor racing photographer. In the next few years he became especially close to Ferrari, developing friendships with some of the team’s most illustrious drivers, particularly fellow Americans such as Dan Gurney, Richie Ginther, and Phil Hill, who won the World Championship driving for Ferrari in 1961.

    The 100 black-and-white and color photos assembled here vividly depict an era of great change and growing challenges to Ferrari in Formula 1. After scoring two championships in 1952 and 1953, Ferrari faced formidable competition from Mercedes-Benz in 1954, followed by a host of new British teams in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

    Along with his skill as a photographer and enthusiasm for racing, Alexander’s close relationships to many members of the extended Ferrari family gave him a unique perspective on the team, the cars and especially the drivers. His pictures don’t just capture racing highlights at classic venues like Monaco, Monza, and the Nürburgring—they also offer a more intimate, behind-the-scenes view of the Ferrari team at its headquarters and testing ground in Modena. In these pictures we find Enzo Ferrari himself conferring with drivers and engineers as he supervises winter tests of his latest, still-unpainted GP cars. We also get a rare glimpse of the managers, mechanics and engineers as they debrief drivers and make adjustments and repairs.

    In Ferrari Grand Prix Moments Jesse Alexander delivers a unique perspective on the people, places and events that made the 1950s and 1960s a defining period in the history of the marque that more than any other has come to define Grand Prix racing.

  • When Sex Was Safe

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    Borrowing from racing legend Jackie Stewart's famous line, 'When sex was safe… and motor racing bloody dangerous’ tells the story behind the most thrilling, epic moments in racing history. Blending original photography with Czech artists Unique & Limited's insanely detailed & breathtakingly beautiful original artworks the newest issue from Waft publishing house weaves a deeply immersive story for each event.

    Dimensions 12"x12"

    252 Pages

  • Curves of Steel

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    A deluxe volume that explores the evolution of the streamlined automotive shape from the 1930s to the 1990s.

    Originally produced as the official catalog for a 2007 exhibition at the Phoenix Museum of Art, Curves of Steel celebrates the intersection of style and aerodynamics that is the hallmark of streamlined design in the twentieth century. The book features some of the most important examples of streamlined automobiles, which top scholars selected from North America’s most significant private and public collections. These automobiles demonstrate the influence of aerodynamics and how it changed the look of the automobile from what was originally a rectangular “horseless carriage” into a sleek modern machine that embodies the ideas of speed and efficiency. 

    Curves of Steel includes essays from many of the world’s great automotive writers, including Beverly Rae Kimes, Ken Gross, Phil Patton, Richard Adatto, and Diana Meredith. Each car is presented with historical images and stunning modern photographs by Michael Furman.

    Hardcover: 192 pages

    Publisher: Coachbuilt Press

    Language: English

    Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 1 x 12.3 inches

  • The Art and Colour of General Motors

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    Published at the 100th Anniversary of General Motors, featuring the photography of iconic classic car photographer Michael Furman, and lively, entertaining essays by America's most distinguished classic car historians and journalists.

    Celebrating design excellence that has stirred the American imagination for decades, this superbly produced volume showcases the cars that created General Motors' legacy for the past 100 years, including the 1950's "Motorama" dream cars that defined a generation.

    Written with complete editorial independence by an unequalled collection of leading automotive writers, The Art and Colour of General Motors benefits from new Furman photography of historically important General Motors cars, as well as from major museums and private collections across America. GM Archives also provided historic images, many of which have not been seen by the public for decades.

    This book is a must-have for auto aficionados young and old, and will appeal to everyone who has a love affair with the design, romance and beauty of great American automobiles.

    Foreword by Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of Global Product Development for General Motors and Introduction by renowned jeweler and car collector, Nicola Bulgari.

    Hardcover: 320 pages

    Publisher: Coachbuilt Press

    Language: English

    Product Dimensions: 10 x 1.1 x 12.3 inches

  • Porsche Unexpected

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    Many of us have been enamored with Porsche. It is a marque with extraordinary history, technological advances, and that unique combination of elegance and brute force. Many of us have also wanted a collection of Porsches, from the earliest Gmünd Coupe to the latest hypercar. In Porsche Unexpected: Discoveries in Collecting, we will journey with Robert Ingram and his family as they fall in love with Porsche and create their own world-class collection of the marque. We learn that what started as an innocent trip to the Monterey Historics led to a familiarity with the marque to an intense relationship that attempts to quantify the Porsche experience from its earliest days to its future direction. 

    Porsche Unexpected is researched and written by Porsche historian Randy Leffingwell, and Cameron Ingram, the second generation of Ingram Porschefiles. After being mesmerized by the early 356 Speedsters, Cam created Road Scholars which has become one of the most respected Porsche restoration houses in the world. This title will relate the Ingram family experiences as they began collecting, analyzing their efforts with those from major collectors who also jumped into car collecting. Porsche Unexpected will then delve into the collection which reads like a must-have list for any fan of the marque. From Gmünd Coupe to 550 Spyder, Speedsters, 356 Carreras, every variation of 911 - L, S, RS, SC/RS, Turbo, GT3 - and the 959 and Carrera GT supercars, this book is also a must-have for anyone interest in Porsche. 

    Hardcover: 416 pages

    Publisher: Coachbuilt Press (2014)

    Language: English

    Product Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches

  • The Spirit of Competition

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    The October 2008 opening of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia premiered for the public the priceless, unequaled automobile collection of noted neurosurgeon Dr. Frederick A. Simeone. The Spirit of Competition stunningly presents that collection, including over 60 of the rarest and most significant race cars ever built. Assembled by Dr. Simeone over half a century, the museum collection illustrates the essential role of competition in the development of the sports racing car. Dr. Simeone tells the story of his lifetime obsession with sports cars, the sometimes harrowing tales of acquiring them, and offers his compelling theory of their evolutionary development. The text is complemented by rarely seen historical images and hundreds of new color photos by celebrated photographer Michael Furman. A must-have for auto enthusiasts and racing fans of all ages, the book will also stir discussion on the role of competition throughout society.

    Hardcover: 384 pages

    Publisher: Coachbuilt Press

    Language: English

    Product Dimensions: 13.1 x 1.3 x 9.5 inches

  • Transatlantic Style: A Romance of Fins and Chrome

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    The first book by noted Italian car expert, columnist and television presenter Donald Osborne, 'Transatlantic Style: A Romance of Fins and Chrome' brings to light the depth and range of the creative exchange in automotive design between Italy and America in the decade following the end of World War II. The parallel tracks of classic, understated Italian design and an exuberant American influence combine in a compelling story of brilliant visual art on four wheels. The societies, circumstances and personalities that shaped this dynamic interchange will come to vivid life in compelling text in English and Italian, significant historic images and modern photography by Michael Furman.

    Hardcover: 288 pages

    Publisher: Coachbuilt Press; 1st edition (2016)

    Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches

  • 50 Years at Hethel

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    Lotus Cars is delighted to announce the launch of a special edition publication celebrating 50 years at their world-famous Hethel headquarters.

    Worth waiting half a century for, the souvenir magazine marks a milestone in the histories of both Lotus and Norfolk. Bringing to Hethel the prestige that Ferrari brings to Fiorano or Porsche brings to Weissach, the global icon is proud of its long-standing connection with the county and commissioned the souvenir magazine especially to celebrate this anniversary at its now iconic Norfolk home.

    If the marque’s spectacular heritage and exceptional racing record intrigues you, you will be fascinated by the in-depth look at the history of the Hethel track dating all the way back to its’ foundation as a USAAF bomber base in WWII, the packed timeline of innovations, distinctions and victories in the ceaseless pursuit of the purest driving experience and the insightful profile of legendary founder Colin Chapman. Meanwhile, the marque has always been proud of its place right at the cutting edge of engineering and you’re also invited to enjoy meeting some of the team in the pioneering Lightweight Laboratory, a behind-the-scenes look at the Hethel factory where the magic happens and the interview with the man behind the wheel, CEO Jean-Marc Gales.

    Produced in a one-time-only printing, highly limited quantities are available never to be offered again. 

  • Carrera 2.7 Limited Edition

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    "They were fire-breathing monsters spitting fumes in their wake. The MFI system produced by Bosch had been developed by the race teams to provide ample fuel flow with smooth and quick throttle response . . . and remarkably quick throttle response was what you got. Floor it in an MFI engine and OPEC cheers.”

    Serious automotive enthusiasts consider Porsche’s Carrera 2.7 RS to be the archetypical 911… and deservedly so. The cars are light, responsive, purposeful and the type 911/83 engine delivers scintillating performance. Over the last 40 years the 2.7 RS has been covered in dozens of books and articles. Yet its successor – a car with the identical engine and similar DNA – remains either unknown or misunderstood even by long-time Porsche enthusiasts. That car is the Carrera 2.7 MFI. This book tells the complete story of these remarkable, unheralded sports cars.

    The Carrera 2.7 book has been meticulously researched using the Porsche factory archives, private collections, period documentation and intensive study. The book attempts to cover everything an owner, restorer, historian or enthusiast would want to know about this intriguing 911 variant. Content includes comprehensive discussion of original options, photos of key details, insights into factory production, competition history and a considerable amount of material never before published. Although primarily focused on the top-of-the-line mechanically-fuel injected Carrera 2.7, this book will also prove valuable to enthusiasts of any of the Porsche 911 and 930 Turbo models produced during the mid-1970s.

    Each of our copies is signed by the author, printed in English and encased in a decorative slipcase.

    * Book of the Month in April 2016 Octane

    * #1 on Total 911's "Must Read" book of 2016

    * Silver Medallion winner 25th International Automotive Media Competition

    * Nominated as "Publication by the Year" by the International Historic Motoring Awards

    406 pages, hardcover with slipcase

    684 color photos, 146 b/w photos, 50 illustrations

    Over 530 never-before-published photos

    10.6 × 12.28 inches (27.0 × 31.2 cm)

    Author: Ryan Snodgrass

    Designer: Christoph Mäder

    Published: October 2015 by Parabolica Press 

  • Waft 4

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    Waft 4 is more than a run-of-the-mill coffee table tome. A musical tribute to car culture that seamlessly blends gorgeous imagery and car magazine style in a contemporary tome featuring moving stories, inside views, exclusive drives, inspiring talks and artworks with a twist.

    10" square, 256 pages, hardcover, full-color format. 

    Featured inside: Jaguar D-Type – Ed Welburn –Bugatti Brescia – Amko Leenarts – BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage – Unique & Limited – Mercedes AMG GT – Bucciali – Buchmann & Buchmann – Ford Mustang – Porsche 911 SC-RS – Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus – Cadillac Cyclone – Ferrari Testarossa – Isdera – Karim Habib – Mercedes C111 – Paolo Martin and much more. 

    Octane Magazine Book of the Month in March 2017

  • Spada

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    A compelling book about life and works of Ercole Spada and his son Paolo. Working as chief stylist for coachbuilder Zagato in the 1960's, this Italian grandmaster designed the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato, Alfa Romeo Codatronca, TZ1, 2600 SZ and Junior Zagato, Lancia Fulvia and Flavia Zagato, Osca Dromos and many more.

    English, hardcover (30 x30 centimetre) 304 pages

  • Lotus Evora: Sublime Supercar

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    Every fascinating stage of the evolution of the stunning new Lotus Evora is explored in this fully comprehensive book, Lotus Evora: Sublime Supercar. From its conception, through development, prototype testing, certification, production and on to the marketing of the car, every part of this captivating story is covered in depth. Produced with the full co-operation of Lotus Cars, who once again gave Coterie Press exclusive access to their photo archives as well as their employees, this book contains the reminiscences of virtually everyone involved in the concept, design and development of the Evora. Author Johnny Tipler was the only journalist invited to see and drive the Evora before it was launched to the press and public. With unprecedented access and surprising candor, he is able to describe in detail all of the development stages, through to the construction of the first production examples, culminating in the car’s press debut in Scotland. His close involvement with Lotus, and their obvious enthusiasm for the Evora project, is reflected by the openness of all involved who tell him the full story behind this stunning new car.

  • Targa Florio: 1955-1973

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    Although the Targa Florio dates back to the earliest days of motor racing in 1906, the Sicilian road race’s greatest years came during the three decades when it was included as a round in the World Sports Car championship. It started in 1955, when the race was won by Stirling Moss and Peter Collins driving a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. In the years that followed the race was usually a battle between Ferrari and Porsche, who traded victories with such great drivers as Wolfgang von Trips, Hans Herrmann, Graham Hill, Vic Elford, Brian Redman and Jo Siffert.

    Originally published in Germany, this extra-large, 400-page book uses hundreds of vivid photographs that recreate the unique atmosphere of the Targa Florio during a golden age in motorsport. Most are drawn from the collection of legendary racing photojournalist Bernard Cahier (who also drove in the Targa several times) and the McKlein motor racing archive, with many previously unpublished images. Along with the photos there are also race programs, official letters, maps and other memorabilia that add ambiance and detail.

    Although Targa Florio: 1955-1973 includes a section providing year-by- year race reports, most of the material is arranged in short thematic chapters running in alphabetical order. Typical subjects covered include notable drivers, marques, and teams, key sections of the circuit, and car components and technology. But there are also more general themes such as pit stops, practice, spectators, and weather, which often yield unexpected images and insights. This unique approach to the material delivers a fresh perspective on an iconic race, especially for readers and fans who are already familiar with the Targa. 

    Targa Florio: 1955-1973 is a full-color, 12” x 12” deluxe hardcover presented in a blue slipcase featuring a race image and a map of the Sicilian circuit. David Bull Publishing is proud to partner with Germany’s McKlein Publishing to market this unique and beautiful book. Text in English, Italian and German.

    “This weighty McKlein tome is surely one of the great books on the road race.”


    “You’d better reinforce your coffee table as this 400-pager is in essence a photo album featuring typically gorgeous imagery from the Bernard Cahier archive plus additional pics from McKlein and LAT.”

    Author: Ed Heuvink, Bernard Cahier

    Foreword: Nino Vaccarella

    Format: Hardcover with slipcase, 12” by 12”, 400 pages

    Photos: 235 black-and-white and 129 color

    ISBN: 978-3927458-66-6

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