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  • 1948 Cap

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    Cotton gabardine, vented cap commemorating 1948, the year Lotus was established. The front details are embroidered in contrast color. Garment washing and thick stitching add a touch of retro originality and artisan workmanship. Cap is Flex Fit, one size.

  • 50 Years at Hethel

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    Lotus Cars is delighted to announce the launch of a special edition publication celebrating 50 years at their world-famous Hethel headquarters.

    Worth waiting half a century for, the souvenir magazine marks a milestone in the histories of both Lotus and Norfolk. Bringing to Hethel the prestige that Ferrari brings to Fiorano or Porsche brings to Weissach, the global icon is proud of its long-standing connection with the county and commissioned the souvenir magazine especially to celebrate this anniversary at its now iconic Norfolk home.

    If the marque’s spectacular heritage and exceptional racing record intrigues you, you will be fascinated by the in-depth look at the history of the Hethel track dating all the way back to its’ foundation as a USAAF bomber base in WWII, the packed timeline of innovations, distinctions and victories in the ceaseless pursuit of the purest driving experience and the insightful profile of legendary founder Colin Chapman. Meanwhile, the marque has always been proud of its place right at the cutting edge of engineering and you’re also invited to enjoy meeting some of the team in the pioneering Lightweight Laboratory, a behind-the-scenes look at the Hethel factory where the magic happens and the interview with the man behind the wheel, CEO Jean-Marc Gales.

    Produced in a one-time-only printing, highly limited quantities are available never to be offered again. 

  • Best of British: Lotus - The Full and In-Depth Story

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    Thanks largely to its founder Colin Chapman, the name Lotus is synonymous with innovation. From humble beginnings in North London, Chapman and his cars went on to international acclaim via a succession of stunning road going vehicles and genius on the racing circuits of the world. In this superb programme wonderful footage of the Seven, the Elite and the Elan; the Europa, Eclat and Exige deliver a heady mix of style and performance whilst the saloon 'specials' - Cortina, Sunbeam and Carlton evoke memories of motoring thrills both on and off the track. Thanks to unprecedented access to the Lotus factory and its test track, you can also enjoy an exclusive look at the building of the new Lotus Elise II and testing with the awesome Esprit V8 and the new Elise 111S. On-board and track cams record the action. The GP era is not forgotten with Classic Team Lotus giving you a unique glimpse behind the scenes. This is the story behind the famous green and yellow ACBC badge. High quality archive and modern footage, spanning 1952 to the present day, blend with an authoritative commentary to take you through fifty years of automotive adventure and innovation. It's a worthy salute to Lotus, truly the Best of British!DVD extras include interviews with Steve Swift and Ansar Ali who shed further light on the tale of this fascinating marque. Region Code: 0 Running Time: 106 Minutes

  • Enamel Lapel Pin in Black

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    Lotus roundel lapel pin in black enamel, with a silver colored finish and easy grip wings.

    Measures 0.5in in diameter.

  • Evora Cap

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    Cotton cap commemorating the Lotus Evora. The front details are embroidered in contrast color. Cap is adjustable via a cloth strap.

  • Evora Key Fob

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    Sleek Evora key ring. Stainless steel, leather strap, presented in a gift box. A great gift that the Lotus enthusiast in your life will be able to appreciate every time they take their Lotus for a drive.

  • Lotus Classic Umbrella

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    Generously proportioned, this Lotus umbrella is complemented by an inner storm flap to increase stability in rough weather, along with sprung levers in durable, coated metal to ensure a quick opening function. This umbrella is perfect for track, country or town.

  • Lotus Evora: Sublime Supercar

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    Every fascinating stage of the evolution of the stunning new Lotus Evora is explored in this fully comprehensive book, Lotus Evora: Sublime Supercar. From its conception, through development, prototype testing, certification, production and on to the marketing of the car, every part of this captivating story is covered in depth. Produced with the full co-operation of Lotus Cars, who once again gave Coterie Press exclusive access to their photo archives as well as their employees, this book contains the reminiscences of virtually everyone involved in the concept, design and development of the Evora. Author Johnny Tipler was the only journalist invited to see and drive the Evora before it was launched to the press and public. With unprecedented access and surprising candor, he is able to describe in detail all of the development stages, through to the construction of the first production examples, culminating in the car’s press debut in Scotland. His close involvement with Lotus, and their obvious enthusiasm for the Evora project, is reflected by the openness of all involved who tell him the full story behind this stunning new car.

  • Lotus Metamorphosis

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    Presented as gifts to the 400 guests of the VIP party Lotus held before the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, these books feature an in depth look at the changes happening in Lotus corporate HQ and their product line as presented in 2010. This is copy number 8 of only 400 that were issued.

    Per Carscoops.com:

    To show that the brand is going through a metamorphosis after the presentation of five new models at the Paris Show, Lotus has joined forces with award winning French artist Gérard Rancinan to create seven artistic images that will be showcased alongside a new book by French writer, Caroline Gaudriault, at a special event in Los Angeles on Friday, November 12.

    As you may have guessed, the collection of photos is called "Metamorphosis" and the focus is on the five new Lotus models that made the trip to this year's Paris Motor Show: the Esprit, Elan, Elite, Elise and Eterne, plus two extra large montages.

    Gérard Rancinan creator of Metamorphosis commented: "I can see a clear artistic link between the work of Lotus and my photographs in terms of commitment, the relevance of the subject matter, the audacity of the creator, the beauty of the gesture and the perfection of the object. We are engaged in a dialogue which takes place on the same terrain: the world of art."

    Paper binding denoting this car as No.8 of 400 is broken, but complete. Book is in excellent condition. An incredible and extremely rare gift for any Lotus enthusiast.

  • Lotus Pin Badge

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    Lotus roundel lapel pin in yellow and green enamel, with a silver colored finish and easy grip wings.

    Approximate size 0.55in

  • No.77 Polo Shirt

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    Distinctive retro styling inspired by the golden age of Lotus racing is recreated in this three button men's pique polo shirt. Contrast color placket and '77 and 'Type 40' car outlines on opposite sides of the chest recall the glorious years of Lotus' heritage. Regular fit. Last item, available only in size XXL

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